Yesterday night my class and I had the privilege of hearing from Liz Garvin, who is in charge of Planned Giving here at Fresno State. Her lecture was challenging, convicting, passionate, and very informative. She challenged us to love what we do and shared how she daily enjoys her work in development and planned giving. She also shared how she climbed her way to her current position and shared stories of all the hard work it took to get there. She said that she would have “swept the floor to get a job at the CBO she loved” and explained how she would have done anything just to be a volunteer and join in on the mission that she believed in. This was a very challenging and convicting thing to hear which reignited my passion for local CBO’s in our community.

Another concept that stood out to me during her lecture was that the planning for a future gift can start today. One may often think that the process of planned giving has to begin barley before one passes away, but this is simply not true. Liz did an excellent job at encouraging all of us to start thinking about the future now, and also challenged us to think about what kind of legacy we want to leave behind. This is a very important issue in my life because I’m getting married soon. And because of Liz’s challenge and charge, I have begun to think and plan out my will and am compelled to start good stewardship examples for my family and I.