We had the privilege of having Dr. Morghan Young-Alfaro, the principal researcher and co-founder of Anchoring Success, in our Entrepreneurial Approaches to Sustainable CBOs class. She shared the differences between reporting, storytelling, and branding. One of the most important things she spoke on was two fields that storytelling is influenced by, anthropology and business. The former is a human invention and found in every culture in some form. The latter is centered more on A-Z marketing, which is more tactical and psychological. There is branding that looks like storytelling, yet it is not an authentic form of telling stories.

“Well organized and stored data is gold.” – Dr. Morghan Young-Alfaro

When we apply this to CBOs, all three play a significant role and rely on each other. For example, you can’t have storytelling without reporting and if you don’t have data, you’ll struggle with branding. Dr. Young-Alfaro guided us through some of things we should be paying attention to as we continue to develop work plans for the organizations we are partnered with this semester. As all three aspects are crucial to the health of a CBO, Dr. Young-Alfaro posed a few important questions: What are they [the organization or leadership] doing with the program specific data? Who are they sharing it with? How are they sharing that information?

For more information on Dr. Young-Alfaro’s work, visit www.learning.anchoringsuccess.com and follow her on Twitter, @MVYAlfaro.

Picture taken by Melissa Quesada

Left to right: Laura Garcia, Cinthia Quesada, Dr. Morghan Young-Alfaro, and Desja Threat.