During Spring Break, my team and I had the privilege of going to CalSAC in Berkley, California. We were greeted graciously by Ruth Obel-Jorgenson, the Executive Director.

Part of our Humanics Course flow is two classes in which an organization takes an in depth overall assessment. The following semester—which is this class—we follow up with the assessment and make a decision matrix with a few recommendations to help the organization.

We observed a couple staff meetings and had some time as a Humanics team with Ruth Obel-Jorgenson, in which all of our questions about the assessment were answered and even more insight of the organization was given.

As a team we felt so professional and grateful to learn how to assess a well running organization. Humanics has given us all a chance to work in the fields of community benefit organizing with hands on practical learning.

This opportunity has given us the chance to see how a well running organization functions and how we can continue to help them become all that they can be.