One thing in life is for certain, and that is death. When or how we will leave this earth is still up to question. However, the legacy we leave behind can be planned now through Planned Giving. Through Liz Garvin’s presentation on Planned Giving, we learned it is a way to help people dream. Ms. Garvin’s fundraising career started as a volunteering opportunity. She became an executive director to a CBO at the age of 24. Now in her position as the director of the Office of Planned Giving at Fresno State, she “gets to spend every single day doing what makes her heart happy.” Planned gifts provide organizations with private funds to sustain their services. They also help preserve assets of an individual’s estate from taxes. So you may be thinking you have to be wealthy to give a Planned Gift? Well, that is what I thought. You see you can leave one of your favorite CBO’s as your beneficiary in your life insurance policy. Anyone can give. It is just making that dream a reality by putting it on paper. With the help of an attorney or certified public accountant and a planned giver such as Ms. Garvin. One great example of a planned gift on our very own campus is the Jordan Research Center. This 29 million dollar planned gift was the largest gift given to a CSU campus. One thing to keep in mind is that your planned gift can be given at any point in your life. You don’t necessarily have to wait until your death. The passion that Ms. Garvin has for her job really jumps out at you. She has a way to really engage and grab the attention of her audience. I found myself daydreaming of my legacy and how I would like to be remembered. The job has many amazing paybacks but also some downfalls. She  said that the thing she dislikes of her job is that she gets to know people and love them as people but when they pass away it is all over. Who said helping people dream was easy? But the legacy we leave behind can forever be remembered.