This week our class was held at Moravia Wines. Where the SOC 187S: Entrepreneurial Approaches to Sustainable CBOs course took a tour of the location, sipped some wine, and heard Wendi and Rich Hammond shared their wine process, their history, and the work they do in Swaziland.


When Wendi was sharing the story of the work they do in Swaziland, many Humanics students thought of the asset-based approach we learn about.  Asset-based Community development is a strategy that starts with what is present in the community, the capacities of its residents and workers, the associational and institutional base of the area–not with what is absent, or with what is problematic, or with what the community needs. Wendi stated that they neither “feed them the fish or show them how to fish!” Wendi and Rich’s work is internally focused and they go to Swaziland to provide them better tools so they could fish. ABCD is relationship driven just like Wendi and Rich’s work. Rich and Wendi are currently collecting adult diapers to send to Swaziland. I am glad people in our community are applying ABCD to their work!

After the wine tasting, we went out to the patio to take a group picture and finish having our potluck. We also sang “Happy Birthday” to Dr. Simmons and had chocolate cake! In Humanics courses we have R.E.A.L experiences. We also had the privilege of having Ellen Bush and Coreen Campos with us! As this semester comes to an end, I am glad I decided to do the Humanics Program.