The semester has come to an end and I am feeling a sense of relief. I have completed another year at Fresno State. One more year to go! As I reflect on the semester one event stands out in my mind. The AFP Fundraising Conference. I debated repeatedly if I wanted to attend. I can honestly say I am so happy I did. The thought of being surrounded by professionals was an intimidating thought. I was extremely nervous and very self-conscious of what I was saying. After a few networking moments, I felt a sense of relief. You see most of those professionals at this conference were so eager to find out more about @FreanoStateHumanics. I felt so privileged to be in a place with so many caring, authentic leaders of the entire globe. I realized than the advantage I had as a humanics scholar. I as a student am getting first-hand experience in the CBO world. Something many philanthropist must learn on their own. I walked into sessions throughout the conference not knowing what to expect and walked out with pages and pages of notes. I had proud moments of knowing exactly what was being discussed, thanks to humanics! The bonds I formed with other Humanic Scholars were the best moments. Being able to sit down and talk to people about their dreams and hopes were such fulfilling moments. I could never thank the donors of Humanics enough for giving us the opportunity to attend this amazing conference. Since I have been back I see the world around me with different eyes. I am and will continue to be someone’s SUPERHERO.