I attending the recent AFP workshop that was held on Tuesday and really enjoyed the presentation and information. Brad Stevens shared his experiences with overseeing the June Jam and Cigar Fest fundraising events that are put on to raise money for Valley Crime Stoppers. Impressive!

This was my second time attending an AFP event. And even though I enjoyed the presentation I would have to say my favorite part was getting the chance to catch up with Linda Calandra. Linda was my mentor last semester and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed her company and listening to all her great stories (she was a Fresno city council member for a short time). I’m particularly thankful that she has been willing to share her experiences and insights about the two foundations that she has started. One for the Fresno Library and one for the City of Clovis. Right now she is helping with campaign funding for a new senior center which is located in Clovis. She wrote 3 grant proposals for the center and all 3 proposals were funded.

Our meetings last semester were a blast. During one get together I was so involved in our conversation that I forgot about class and was almost an hour late (sorry Dr. Simmons). I can’t help but feel blessed at the opportunities and relationships that Humanics has exposed me to.