This semester I have taken the Sociology 183 class, which is philanthropy and grant making. We have learned about a couple of foundations in the Fresno area. We have had guest lecturers from the Fresno Regional Foundation, which I thought was very exciting because it’s not very often that you get the chance to get advice from a foundation. I have taken the opportunity to get to know some of the people from the Regional Foundation. I am honored to have gotten to know Kelvin Alfaro, which I feel like he’s a mentor to me. I have realized the importance to have a relationship with a foundation because it will help in the future for future projects. I have also realized the importance of maintaining important relationship in the field. Another reason why I think it is important to keep a relationship with the Regional Foundation because then you will find out about events or things that one could part take in. The picture above was from an event called Art Hop, which is an event for people to promote their art and the Fresno Regional Foundation had an event going on, which I was able to find out more information about. After reflecting upon the event I was happy to able to attend because I was not only able to talk to Kelvin, but other local film makers as well. It seems that the Valley understand the importance of accommodating to people in society that have many different interests. This was exciting event to be a part of!