Walking through Woodward Park, you might have passed a vibrant playground and just thought of it as nothing more but that. However, upon more observation, one can see that it is much more than that. We had the opportunity of hearing the executive director, Jenelle, tell the beautiful story behind the playground and the garden.

The Art of Life’s Garden of Healing is one that can be appreciated by many. The garden is surrounded by benches, playground, seats, and a beautiful atmosphere. The Healing Garden is a project that was made by possible by the collaboration of the Art of Life Cancer Foundation, City of Fresno, philanthropists, volunteers, and the medical and art communities.

To hear the story of the foundation, we sat on cemented seats that had painted ceramics by individuals that were moved by the foundation themselves. Each ceramics told its own story and they were beautiful to see.

The Art of Life is open to all cancer survivors in the central valley, and has changed many lives. Those that have gotten involved have voiced that the foundation has given them hope and helped them along their journey. The mission of the foundation is to help survivors gain more self-confidence and courage, feel support, and inspire hope.

The Garden of Healing at Woodward Park is in the corner of Woodward Park, in a perfect location that overlooks a body of land, inspiring hope.