At the Fresno Art Museum we got to hear four guest lecturers who were from the Fresno Regional Foundation, Whitney Foundation, and the Bonner Foundation. This was an insightful lecture because we were able to ask the lecturers anything we wanted. I felt each scholar in the class asked thought provoking questions that helped each of us clarify some things about foundations. I was also honored to be able to meet some of the panelist and able to build a relationship that could be beneficial for the future. I am humbled that the Fresno State Humanics program gives us  opportunities to meet and ask professional in the field of philanthropy who are from the Central Valley. I felt this lecture gave us an opportunity to network and build social capital. At this lecture, it gave me more confidence to approach professionals and ask them questions to help clarify things that helps me build more knowledge within philanthropy and grant making. This experience gave me the confidence to be able to assert myself in situations and to be confident. I have realized that  I am getting better at networking. Lastly, this has opened the doors for many other opportunities.