The Kearney Mansion is located at Kearney park where a man named Martin Theodore Kearney lived.

The Humanics team were lucky enough to get a tour by our professor, Dr. Don Simmons, where we learned the history of Kearney and the legacy that he left behind.

When you pull up to the mansion, you can see that it is heavily detailed in its Renaissance style. The mansion has two buildings: the servants quarters and the main residence, which was the mansion itself.

The mansion is overlooked and kept by the Fresno City and the County Historic Society. About 50% of the furnishings are original, and that includes the wallpapers and light fixtures.

Kearney was a contributor to the agriculture development in Fresno, which also contributed to the state. It was as if he had is his own city; he even had his own currency!

We saw his mansion, that included guest rooms, room for the servants’ children, and the living room areas. We saw that the detailed in the doors: the more details, the richer you were. The longer the curtain draperies, the richer you were. Walking through the mansion, we gained a sense of what it felt like to be a resident residing and working for Kearney’s establishment. He was a great contributor to the city during his time and left a great legacy for the Fresno community.