On February 27th, the Humanics Team from Soc 187S head to the Neighborhood Thrift Store!

As a follower of the Neighborhood Thrift Store on Instagram, I was excited to go in and learn more about the establishment. They have been known for their eclectic collection of furniture and bookshelves on Instagram and I was excited to see more.

The Neighborhood Thrift Store began in 2008. A goal of theirs was to have a positive impact on the community of  Fresno, especially Southern Fresno area. The thrift store’s objective is to create value in its members of the community that furthermore brings value to the community as a whole.

When I first got there, I thought the Neighborhood Thrift Store was a business location just like any other thrift shop we come across. However, I surprised to learn that they are a 501 (c) 3 Community Benefit Organization. This thrift store is not there just for the money or for profit.

Their motto is known as “To be a place where development is a lifestyle.” It is a place where people from all walks of life come together and create a life a value. It is established in a location that needs recognition for its value. Southern Fresno area is in need of this kind of recognition, because it is thriving to create a sense of community, and in my opinion, already has. I loved hearing about the establishment and the sense of community and value that it thrives and grows on. This is an organization that is planting its roots in the soil of Fresno and I can’t wait to see what grows!