This semester in our 183s class we had the opportunity to be part of a Board team for us to give out a grant of $5,000 to a local Community Benefit Organization. I was part of the Public policy and Advocacy team. We looked at organizations that do work in these areas.

We looked at organizations letters of intent, we had to select a few to fill out a full proposal, we did site visits and we had in class presentations for the top three organizations. Selecting the final organization was a tough choice and our team was the only one who took a bit longer to come to a consensus about the final organization. We selected the organization Focus Forward. They all did very well in all the areas and they showed the commitment they have to Public Policy and Advocacy to the youth in our community.

In this process, I learned how to read 990’s. I learned how to score Letters of intent , full proposals, and how to do a site visit. Lastly, I learned what funders look for when giving out a grant and that giving out money is a big responsibility.

Lastly, one of the best parts of the process was working with my fellow classmates and getting to know them, not only at the academic level but also at a personal level. Knowing what our similarities are and what are differences are.