The goal of the Fresno Rescue Mission is to help those that are in need in the community through the help of Jesus Christ. They became established as a non-profit in 1949.

I’ve volunteered at the Fresno Rescue Mission before, and the experience was unforgettable. I served dinner for the individuals involved in the Mission’s programs. The individuals were men that had went through a lot in life, but are on track to a beautiful life, alongside glorifying God.

When we got to the Fresno Rescue Mission, we were welcomed with a tour. We were shown around the main area, where men involved in the program, known as The Academy were located at. The Academy program provides restoration and hope through God for men that have gone through prison experiences, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, abuse, and/or homelessness.

We saw where these men played basketball, studied, worked, ate, enjoyed one anothers’ companies, and praised God. It was refreshing to see how such an amazing program was helping those in true need of it.

The Fresno Rescue Mission creates such a great community environment, and gives vibes of restoration and hope. I was thrilled that our retreat was at such an inspiring location. The energy there was lovely.

The next day at our retreat, the Humanics group was involved in the Martin Luther King Jr. March that started at city hall to the convention center. Students and people from all over California came together and joined in the march. It was a great memorial for Dr. King, reminding us all of the injustices that occur all over the world. It gave such a great sense of community and brought people from all walks of earth together.