During this semester we had a site visit to San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation. I had been to the site a couple times before, but didn’t know the extent to the historical background of the site. I had learned so many things compared to when I go to their event “Respite by the River.” I have realized the importance of knowing the background of places and organizations, so I could feel more connected to the organization. I was very impressed with the tour because we were able to have a sneak peak of their trails and even parts of the house itself! The visit helped me to understand a strong healthy organization. I feel that I could use their information and knowledge as a model for future projects and philanthropy. I enjoyed hearing all the programs and projects that they are doing, which makes me appreciate the impacts that they want to have in the Central Valley. I never knew how important it was to have the river secured by an organization like the San Joaquin River Parkway Conservation because without their help our environment may be even worse. After this site visit I would recommend other people to go take a tour of the place and  I would be inclined to support and donate to the community benefit organization.