Something I heard all throughout the semester was “trust in the process.” The Students4Giving Philanthropy project taught me exactly what the process entailed. Every single little detail to the process took time and effort from the whole team. We started by reaching out to local CBO’s to apply for our Board and Staff Development grant. Slowly, the interest rolled in. The process just kept on going and was not stopping for us at any time. The LOI’s came in, and the stress began. We the students were completely responsible for making crucial decisions. We had to work through our differences and hear everyone’s thoughts. The next steps were the RFP’s and the material just got better on our site visits. It started to feel so real the moment I walked into my site visit. I felt so empowered and professional. I thought at that moment, “wow this is what the future of success can look like!” As a student, I never thought I would get the experience to make a real-life decision in awarding an organization. The whole process was draining but all so worth the time my group put in. We felt a complete sense of satisfaction when we decided The Art of Live Cancer Foundation was the right recipient for our grant. In the end, I learned that the process was painless and all so rewarding in the end. All thanks to an amazing team!