On February 20th, the Humanics team led their way to Wild Places, a 501 (c) 3 located in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

On my drive through the green mountains and hills, there was the city of Strathmore that paved the way to Wild Places. As I drove through the drive-way, I came up to a home that was very eclectic. It was a rainy day for the humanics team, but we were still eager to learn about Wild Places and their work.

Wild Places began in 2001. Their goal is to have conservation projects with volunteers in the Sierra Nevada. They work on land and water projects that incorporate culture, activism, science, and art. The art aspect was very well depicted at the location that we arrived at, by the way, which was awesome!

We learned about the organization, and then it was time for us to do some work, too. There was an invasive species growing near the Tule River, and it was up to us to pull as many out as we could. It was raining hard and the river was rushing down. We had our gloves, jackets, shovels, and got to work.

It was a great feeling to be alongside such spirited individuals at Wild Places in the name of restoration, science, and art!