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Has Assembly Bill 52 Changed the Way We Do CEQA? – Lessons Learned (BYOL
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Thursday, June 08, 2017,
11:30 AM to 1:30 PM
Bravo Farms, 400 N. Willis Avenue, Visalia, CA


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*Title:* *Has Assembly Bill 52 Changed the Way We Do CEQA? – Lessons

After several years of political wrangling, legislators decided that it was
time for CEQA to formally address Native American resources. Assembly Bill
(AB) 52 (Chapter 532, Statutes of 2014) was signed by Governor Jerry Brown
on September 25, 2014, and requires lead agencies to consider the effects
of projects on tribal cultural resources and to conduct consultation with
federally and non-federally recognized Native American Tribes early in the
environmental planning process. AB 52 applies specifically to projects for
which a Notice of Preparation (NOP) or a notice of Negative Declaration or
Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND) will be filed on or after July 1,
2015. This bill specifies that a project that may cause a substantial
adverse change in the significance of a tribal cultural resource (sites,
features, places, cultural landscapes, sacred places, and objects with
cultural value to a California Native American Tribe) is a project that may
have a significant effect on the environment. AB 52 requires that prior to
determining whether a Negative Declaration, MND, or Environmental Impact
Report (EIR) is prepared for a project, the lead agency must consult with
California Native American Tribes who are traditionally and culturally
affiliated with the geographic area of the proposed project, and who have
requested such consultation in writing (AB 52 Legislative Counsel’s Digest
2013-2014). California Native American Tribes are those identified on the
contact list maintained by the California Native American Heritage
Commission (NAHC). AB 52 amends Section 5097.94, and adds Sections 21073,
21074, 21080.3.1, 21080.3.2, 21082.3, 21083.09, 21084.2, and 21084.3 to,
the California Public Resources Code (PRC), relating to Native Americans.

Michelle Cross will focus this presentation on the discussion why AB 52 was
adopted, the goals of AB 52, what the timing of AB 52 is and what
constitutes a significant impact under to Tribal Cultural Resources under
AB 52. The discussion will then focus on practical considerations for
practitioners implementing AB 52 and lessons learned from the
implementation of AB 52 thus far.

*Guest Speaker: **Michelle C. Cross, MA, RPA – Cultural Resources Practice
Lead, Stantec*

Michelle Cross Stantec’s Cultural Resources Practice Lead out of
Sacramento, California, She is a registered professional archaeologist who
loves exploring the depths of a project’s historical aspects. She meets the
Secretary of the Interior’s standards for conducting and supervising all
phases of investigations, and she’s well versed in the requirements of
Section 106 of the NHPA and the California Environmental Quality Act,
having managed archaeological assessments, Phase I, II, and III
excavations, and architectural history investigations.

As a principal investigator for archeology on large scale projects in the
energy, transportation, and development sectors, Michelle has honed her
skills as a project manager and expert in archaeology, historical
archaeology, and cultural resources management. Overseeing Stantec’s
cultural resources program management for the western United States,
Michelle is also active in the Society of California Archaeology (Northern
California), where she works to advocate for archaeology on a local and
state level.

When she’s not working, you’ll find Michelle in the trails of the American
River Parkway in Sacramento or the Sierra Nevada mountains and foothills.
She’s an avid runner and enjoys the outdoors with her husband and two

Michelle was recently named one of the Central Valley’s top Young
Professionals of 2017 by Comstock Magazine. Read the full article here:

Additional information on Michelle Cross can be found here:

*Michelle is scheduled to begin speaking at 12 PM.*

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