Dear Students,

My name is Prof. Jenny Banh and I am researching SE Asians in Fresno State
and Beyond on the barrier and bridges to their attainment of a Bachelor
degree, especially 4 year graduation. I have already interviewed 21 “Double
Minorities” in Southern California and I am seeking to interview 25 more. I
am emailing you because you have been identified as a successful SE Asian.
I would like to invite you to be interviewed at the Henry Madden Second Flo
…or Library study book for 50 minutes about your educational experiences.
I especially want to ask you questions on what programs, mentorships,
ethnic professors, classes, and events you want to see in College that
would better serve you to graduate (especially 4 years). All the interviews
are optionally deposited into the new SE Asian Oral history Archive. This
could help many struggling SE Asians so I hope you would consider being

Abstract: The purpose of the 25+ Oral History/ Interviews/survey is to ask
students, staff/faculty and community members what are the bridges and
barriers to university graduation. There will be a focus on looking at
effective college preparatory classes, policies, programs, mentorship and
teachers who facilitate graduation success. I would also ask them
specifically about the 4-year graduation rate educational issues such as
family background, and college preparation. The potential benefits is that
we would gain knowledge on what is limiting graduation. The survey,
interview, and oral histories are voluntary.
A. Objective: The objective of the study is to gain knowledge on what the
graduation rate barriers and bridges are for double minority college
students get to college and graduate.
There is a specific public policy that is an continuation of previous
interviews that I have done in Southern California. There is a lack of data
on Central Valley graduation issues especially 4-year graduation graduates.
This research fills the public policy gap on looking at specific programs
that successfully help students to graduate.

Please feel free to forward this email to any SE Asian that has a Bachelors


Shai Chang
Student Coordinator

Vanna Nauk
Student Coordinator

Asian Pacific Islander Programs and Services Office
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