*What’s Next: Leading a Thriving Transition* is a program for late career
leaders who lead nonprofit organizations and are thinking about making a
leadership transition sometime in the next one to five years. This program
is being funded by a handful of California funders that recognize that
leadership transitions – especially those of long time leaders – can raise
specific challenges and opportunities for executives, boards, and the
organizations they lead. *What’s Next* is a program that is proven to help
late career leaders explore their legacy, support boards in preparing their
organizations for the future, and strengthen organizations’ readiness for
change. The program does this by providing participants with two intensive
retreats, individual coaching, and a network of peers that encourage honest
and thoughtful reflection about preparing for and embracing change.

The Hewlett Foundation is supporting *What’s Next* based on work our
Performing Arts Program has done on generational change in the arts sector.
But the need it answers clearly extends beyond the arts and the program is
open to nonprofit leaders working in any field. Thoughtful leadership
transitions are far too rare across many nonprofit sectors, but we believe
they ought to be the norm. Even so, we recognize that some leaders are not
ready to broadcast their transition plans. *Inquiries about or
participation in What’s Next is entirely confidential **and will not be
shared with the Hewlett Foundation, the program’s other funders or anyone
else outside of Third Sector New England, which runs the program and
selects the participants.*

The very brief Interest Form to apply for the Fall 2017 cohort is due *July
31.* We are particularly interested in hearing from folks that might be
interested in the Southern California session, which will take place
September 11-12 and November 12-13 at the Holy Spirit Retreat Center in
Encino. For more information, please visit whatsnext.tsne.org/.

Warm Regards,

Emiko Ono

Program Officer, Performing Arts Program

The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

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