One of the best parts about camping are the stories you tell around the fire. During this year’s Humanics Retreat we had to take an item that represented who we were and it could not be a picture. I decided to take my Fijian Ukulele. I bought during my service-learning trip to the Island of Fiji. During the time, I was in Fiji I stayed in the Village of Naboutini where I learned the most valuable lesson of life. I can now say that lesson represents how I view my everyday interactions with anyone I meet. The lesson of listening and sharing a story with someone whether it’s over a cup of tea, over a bowl of grog or a couple of Fiji Gold beers you listen and take every word they said to heart.  This weekend we were doing the same over s’mores around the camp fire. I never felt so close to beautiful Island of Fiji here in the United States than with my fellow Humanics Scholars. I was able to share a piece of me. I was able to share why on my Ukulele the word “Daulomani” is engraved and sang the song I learned in MY village Daulomani Kila. As my everyone in that fire heard every word I had to share with I listened and learned a piece of who they were.