Camp El-O-Win was such a delight. Growing up camping at Huntington Lake and Dinkey Creek I never knew such a wonderful organization excited. We went up there for one night to meet our new classmates, enjoy another partner of the Humanics Program and get a heads-up of the semester ahead.

This is my second and last semester in the Humanics program and I am so grateful Dr. Jendian got me in the program, I’ve never been so challenged and rewarded in a school program before. The relationships I’ve gained have made such a difference and will help me in my career and my life like they have already.

We got to work with Sarah from Adventure Risk Challenge and her son Owen. We learned our leadership styles, mine is relationships. I’m not a driver but I can always get the job done, I care about all the people I work with but an never the first one to talk. We learned we can work together, all 32 of us, and it takes a village to raise a kid. Sarah was a delight to work with and I enjoyed hearing about her journey.

Mark Ford helped us find ways to grow, our weaknesses and our strengths. He told us about his career with American Airline and helped affirm we are all leaders, we each lead differently.

Encase anyone was wondering how we wrote Camp El-O-Win in the air it is called a long exposure shot. I asked 10 of my fellow students to each draw a letter with their flashlight and I captured it by leaving my shutter open for 5 seconds, which means it was capturing 5 seconds worth of light. We also did this with HUMANICS, which I’m sure other students will use for their blogs.

The staff at Camp El-O-Win were the best, great food and great company. They even made us cupcakes! The camp is ran by Friends of Camp El-O-Win and can always use volunteers and donations to keep the camp going for generations to come.