This weekend was amazing! It was my first time at Camp El-O-Win, and the scenery was beautiful and very relaxing. The creek made the camp vibes peaceful and calming, not to mention the staff was really friendly and was always checking in on us to see if we had any questions or concerns.

The retreat was rich in knowledge and excitement, along with new and old comers and of course, a chilly night. This was my second fall retreat with the Humanics program and it was better the second time around because I had knowledge about what encompasses a CBO and I’ve had a full year of exposure to the program, but I still learned many new things, such as effective team communication strategies, and I got to know a little bit more about my fellow classmates. The first night we had a camp fire where we all gathered and talked about how our specific object described our personality, and this activity was a great way for me to know more about my classmates because they brought a visual and explained why it resembles them. It was powerful to hear each person describe their object and how it related to them.

The second day, Mark Ford facilitated a discussion about teams, and what I found most interesting was that only seven percent of what you say (your words) is what people base their perception of you by, and 55 percent is your body language, and the remaining 38 percent is your tone of voice. I was surprised because the percentage of what you actually say to people is the lowest and that you yourself make up more than half of the preconceived notions people have of you. Mark also discussed some ways we can change this. One-way was to lead with things you appreciate about an individual, don’t assume what you don’t know, and always have an open mind when it comes to your teams.

All in all the retreat got me excited for what is to come this semester, from new teams to new opportunities. I can’t wait to eat, drink, play, pray, and work together with my teams.