I was writing these lines on my way back home after an amazing weekend at camp El-O-Win, reflecting back at the inspiring group of people I spent last night with. It was the first time for me to attend a Humanics retreat as well as my first time camping, and although I hadn’t met many of the participants physically before, still there was an air of familiarity which laid the base for our new friendship.

The circle time with our remarkable mentor Sarah and her son Owen was a fun time which we all enjoyed learning about our different leaderships styles and our strengthens and weaknesses. Until we were challenged with a brainstorming exercise (Sea & Land) to learn how to work as a team. At night we all gathered around the camp fire, we discussed our deep and special moments in our life through a fun & creative exercise, which I believe brought us a little closer.

On the second day, Mark Ford’s discussion, knowledge, and overall motivation, boosted the experience, which was among the things that made it outstanding. I was humbled by the knowledge, inspired by the dedication, and touched by the human interaction that we shared, I look forward to a great semester with everyone.