The Guelaguetza is an indigenous festival which is celebrated in Oaxaca in
the month of July, but the meaning of “Guelaguetza” goes far beyond the
actual festival. The true meaning of Guelaguetza has to do with the members
of a community coming together and sharing their cultural heritage and all
the things that make them unique. The word Guelaguetza means “offering” in
Zapotec, and implies a reciprocal exchange between parties. representatives
of the different regions of Oaxaca come together wearing their traditional
clothing, and they perform the dances which are particular to their region.
This festival is a grand celebration of the cooperative sharing that takes
place in everyday life in Oaxaca.

For the past 19 years the Binational Center for the Development of
Indigenous Oaxacan Communities has hosted the Guelaguetza here in Fresno. *This
year the Guelaguetza will take place at Calwa Park on September 24, 2017.*

We make a call to volunteers who helped at last year’s event in Fresno to
consider volunteering again this year. The event will take place on Sunday
September 24 and volunteers will be needed all day. It is a great
opportunity for students who needs to complete community service hours as
part of their college requirement or to include in your curriculum. We will
need volunteers for different activities: Security, vendors, talents,
tickets sales, directing people to event, etc.

Please or call at (559) 499-1178 if you are interested