. I assume many of you know what  NextGen is. Well If you don’t, NextGen stands for  Next Generation Philanthropy. Its a foundation that was created at the Central Valley Community by young professionals and emerging leaders living and working in the Fresno/Clovis community.

The discussion panelists were Laura Facciani, a Human Resources Professional, Brett Richesin, an Account Executive and Assistant VP, and Eddie Zamora, a Contact Center Manager at Nobel Credit Union.They all talked about their vision, to connect, cultivate and inspire the next generation of philanthropists to take action in their communities and their mission is to become the premier training program for the next generation of board members, civic leaders, and community activists in the Central Valley. They were happy to  give their time and talent to make a larger impact. They started with 16 member and increased to 43 in the first year. To join the group you are required to contribute a $1,000 for an individual, or $1,500 for couple. Also you need to attend monthly lunch meeting.

Whenever I think of NextGen, three words come to my mind: idea, innovation, and inspiration. Great speakers shared their achievements, challenges, ideas and even dreams.