Hello All!

Today I wanted to write about my experience at Camp El-O-Win. My husband and I arrived not really knowing what to expect from the camp or the team building experiences. The weather was lovely and we were ready to have a good time. Especially since we don’t get many opportunities away from our children 🙂 We spent the first afternoon participating in activities and getting to know everyone then we all got together to have dinner. It was nice to be able to enjoy some home cooking from the lovely ladies that run the camp. After dinner we had an even better chance to get to know our fellow Humanics scholars with the presentation of our personal items. Most everyone brought something that was very personal to them, an item that they identified as unique to them and that could represent them. It took quite some time to get through the activity but it was worth it to get to hear these tiny tidbits and being able to relate it to why we were there in that moment together was quite inspiring.

The following morning we had breakfast and were dismissed for reflection. Shortly after we had two trainings of sorts that were very informative and I’m sure I will get great use from in my future endeavors. My greatest take-away from the retreat was being around so many like-minded people. At some point in my time at College of the Sequoias I became frustrated with not knowing/meeting fellow students with aspirations similar to my own. One day, in a meeting with a professor, I was told to be patient. She reassured me that as I continued along in my education I would be eventually be corralled into classes with students that might one day be my colleagues. I think in joining the Humanics program I’ve finally ended up where I’m supposed to be.

The picture I’ve attached was taken Sunday morning when we were dismissed for reflection time. I couldn’t think of a better picture to post as I’m sitting here reflecting on my experience at the camp.