I had the honor of meeting Dr. Jendian.  He introduced me to the Humanics Program at Fresno State.  I was excited to start this new journey in my life.  The fear of not fitting in and not knowing what to expect made me feel anxious. My first day of class I met Dr. Simmons and fellow Humanics Scholars.  I instantly noticed they were a part of a unique group of people.  I have never been a part of something this special.  I was nervous about attending the weekend team building retreat at Camp El-O-Win in Shaver Lake, but I was ready to begin my new journey of being a part of the Humanics Program.

Driving up to the retreat I was not alone.  My husband was also able to attend as part of an invitation extended to spouses.  Wow! It was another wonderful example of what the Humanics Program also represents a sense of FAMILY.  We arrived and started to meet fellow scholars as they were arriving.  The Camp El-O-Win volunteer staff also greeted us with kindness.  They were very attentive to everyone from the moment we arrived to the moment we left.  The snacks, food and accommodations were great.  There was delicious food and plenty for seconds.  The volunteer staff went above and beyond to make sure everyone was taken care of and also appreciated us on assisting with set up and clean up.

The team building exercises and presentations conducted by Sarah, Mark and Dr. Simmons gave me valuable information on our different leadership and communication skills.  Each individual has different qualities to contribute.  This adds variety to the group dynamics.  Allowing each of us the opportunity to be open, learn our strengths and share how we can be an asset to the group.  We are all individuals with different leadership styles who share a common goal of assisting the CBO we will be working with.  Together as a team we can make a difference for a CBO.