Monday October 23rd we went to 4141 Ministries and talked with Andrea and Tom a power couple like no other. Tom is the Executive Director of 4141 Ministries and Andrea is in charge of the Elegant Yard Sale boutique and some of the other programs they have. They told us a story, the one about teaching someone to fish, but they went further. “You can give them all the things they need to fish but if there is a fence around the pond or there are no fish the fishing skill is useless. They are working to give people the skills but also populating the pond. One of the ways they do this is with the jobs in the shop. They have people in the community that they know is struggling or who needs something Andrea creates a job for them. One lost her husband and couldn’t afford her living expenses so Andrea gave her a book keeping job.

The organization also has a build-a-child program that gives kids in the community something to do during the summer. They got to help design a playground as part of the Kaboom Playground Project. The park they put the playground in has become a hub for bettering the community. Everyone in the community is now trying to make the park better and safer for everyone.

After the talk with Tom and Andrea we were able to explore the Boutique and buy anything that we wanted. I found a painting for my aunt and an elephant music box. They were $3 together. They have SO much stuff in there, definitely something for everyone!

It was such a delight to be there and seeing another great organization in Fresno that is doing incredible things to help this community thrive, not just survive. I will be going back there to see Tom and Andrea again and buy some more stuff from their beautiful little shop.