On September 29, 2017 at 12pm I attended Focus Forward board meeting at KSEE 24. When I got there I found that 5 members were already there, plus Coreen, the CEO. The meeting  agenda,  financial statements, and some other program related papers were distributed on the table in front of each member. The meeting started 10 minutes late with a roll call in which the twelve people (six female/six male) on the board introduced themselves and said that they were present for the meeting.  The president, Susan, offered opening thoughts about the retreat they had last week. She took charge of the meeting and kept it under control. Half the board were engaging in the discussion and the other half were listening. From my observation they were speaking loudly and clearly enough so everyone present can hear them. The meeting was conducted in a business-like manner and follows accepted procedures and rules. Board members treated each other politely and with respect during the meeting. The Focus Forward personnel, Coreen, was present at the meeting to supply information for agenda items. The location and setting of the meeting was comfortable and conducive to getting business done with adequate room for us, providing us with copies of the agenda and all the papers.

The way CBO runs board meetings says much about how they run the company. Successful CBO’s use board meetings to create and improve their strategies and to create the right culture within the company