On October 9th, I, along with my fellow scholars, had the opportunity to meet with members from the Central California United Cerebral Palsy here in Fresno. The experience was eye opening for me, and I had a great time walking through the center and observing the different task that go on there. For starters, I did not know this center existed in this location. I have drove by their center that is off Cedar and Ashlan several times, and never knew what is was.


The Cerebral Palsy center was very fun and entertaining. There are multiple activities members can take part in, and I would definitely say there is something for everyone. One thing that caught my eye was all the artwork pieces throughout the center. The pieces ranged from paintings, keychains, glass cups, wind chimes, and more. Every piece was designed and painted by a member from the center. And, the cool thing is you could buy any piece. Additionally, those funds are redirected back into the center, and the person who painted it gets some of the profit, which I personally think is awesome.

Another thing that I thought was important and unique is some of the equipment that is available for use. One piece in particular was a little laser that was pointed at a person’s head. Just from that laser an individual is able to navigate the computer, browse, search, and do pretty much anything, without having to use a mouse or keyboard. I even got to witness it in action!

Big thank you to the center for having us, and letting us be a part of their day!