On Tuesday, October 24th, the 6 Humanics scholars partnered with Fresno Rescue Mission attended the Fall Celebration Banquet. Our grant team had the pleasure of serving on the Raffle Sales team, engaging our knowledge of the Mission’s programs as we were each required to encourage attendees to support financially.


This volunteer opportunity came at a critical time in our grant development process, serving as an opportunity to connect deeply with the Mission’s values and history. I feel strongly this will be an asset moving forward, informing the language we use and outcomes we seek in our objective to fund strategic plan development.


The first part of the evening was spent on silent auctions and mingling, with guests and program graduates alike enjoying the beautiful evening put together by Deborah Torres and her staff. Shay Avila, the Mission’s volunteer coordinator, greeted us and quickly educated us on our role. Very quickly we were off to the races, with our team competing to sell the most raffle tickets.


We were afforded the opportunity to stay for dinner and the ceremony, which featured 46 men and women graduating from either the Academy or Rescue The Children, 18-month rehabilitation programs offered at the Mission. The testimonies gave us a greater understanding of the role the Mission plays in people’s lives, receiving them at their lowest and walking the path of redemption with them.


Valeria Ramirez won our raffle ticket competition with authority, and ultimately each of our team members expressed unique reasons they were grateful to be in attendance of the event. This was a great experience both for our current work and as a formative educational experience in the world we intend to work.