I was beyond excited when I found out who my mentor would be for the semester. My mentor is Margarita Rocha, Executive Director of Centro La Familia. I immediately googled the organization and was amazed with all the programs they offered. I really felt some connection as soon as I read their mission: Empowering low-income people to access life sustaining resources. I untimely envision myself working with my lower income community. What better way to learn and get guidance from Ms. Rocha through my mentor-ship. I often struggle to balance my personal life with my school life. Ms. Rocha has years of experience and knowing how she has come such a long way I feel can provide me with some motivation. Being in my last year of my undergrad, I have begun to think of my professional career. I hope that through this experience I can gain some confidence and grow professionally. I am open to learn from not only Ms. Rocha but also anyone within the organization. I was privileged enough to attend their Fiesta fundraising event thanks to Dr.Jendian who set that up. I spoke to some amazing people and I had such a proud moment of being able to talk about the Humanics program. Every single person spoke so highly of Ms.Rocha and assured me I was in great hands. They spoke of her huge heart and passion she has for Centro La Familia. I am beyond grateful that she accepted the role as my mentor. Thanks to Humanics I have really been able to dig deep to find my passion and acknowledge that the program has supplied me with useful information that I will one day be able to use to better serve my community.