*Tamejavi: Volunteer Registration*

At the VI Tamejavi Festival, human narratives of immigrants and refugees
who have crossed borders, rivers and oceans to escape wars, violence,
poverty and oppression will be shared. Proposed immigration policies like
building a wall, enforcing a Muslim ban and punishing sanctuary cities will
be exposed. This engaging event will feature music, dance, food, a poetry
corner, a Time Tunnel and a Wall that will feature memories of immigrants
and refugees at the time of departing.

Because of the high volume of activities that this event/festival will
feature, we will be in great need of volunteer make sure this event is
successful. The tasks will range from helping set-up, registration,
parking, booth attendants, and clean up. We appreciate your interest in
volunteering for this event, we kindly ask that you complete this form in
order to help us keep track of the volunteers.

This event will take place on *October 21 2017. from 10am-7pm but
volunteers will be needed from 6am-9am* @ Radio Park 2233 N First St,
Fresno, CA 93703
Please make sure you are available on this date when completing this form.

For question call Elio Santos @ 559.825.7838 < (559)%20825-7838> or email at