This past week found me in San Francisco attending SoCap: “A conference at the intersection of money + meaning.”  As with any out of town adventure, this trip started off with a last-minute change of plan and an early morning start.  Guided by fellow Humanics scholar Jed Soberal, I made it through my second encounter with the BART system in a relatively painless fashion (there may have been some issues with the escalators and my baggage, but it all worked out in the end).

The conference itself was a very interesting educational and social opportunity.  There were people from all around the world and of every background in attendance.  In the evenings, there were networking events.  I’m naturally more reserved and prefer to avoid “making the first move” in social settings, but luckily, I was attending these events with a Humanics partner who doesn’t know the meaning of the word reserved.  Both Jed & I spread the word about the Humanics program to attendees from British Columbia to Germany.

While I attended many different sessions, one that really stood out for me was the “Unlocking the Power of Capital for Systemic Change” panel.  During the session panelist Joel Solomon (Chairman, Renewal Funds) stated that we need to remember that “this job is about our future generations, not just our bloodline.”  For me, this simple line embodies the whole idea of impact investing.  As Solomon’s fellow panelist Akaya Windwood (President, Rockwood Leadership Institute) stated, “we are all kin” and it’s time we all started taking that into account in our investments.