My team and I, along with other Humanics Scholars, decided to attend Art Hop after class one evening. We decided to attend Art Hop in downtown Fresno for some team bonding time together. This was my very first time attending Art Hop and I felt a little out of my comfort zone when I first met up with the rest of my group. However, I found that it was easy to open up and talk to them as the night went on. They would make conversation and try to include me in their conversations, I didn’t feel out of place anymore when I engaged in their conversation.

Furthermore, after we arrived to Art Hop and walked around the street I began to feel a bit more comfortable talking to the rest of my team members. Even before we arrived I could hear the music playing and I could see the people on the street enjoying themselves.  We always stuck together as a group from the moment we arrived and as we began to walk around the street I found myself completely intrigued by the different art that people had created.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time at Art Hop and I’m glad I was able to attend with my team. They helped me have a good, enjoyable time and I was able to experience something new in Fresno.