This particular ArtHop that I attended was a presentation given by “Desvgn.”  This is a company/ project that focuses on 3-D printing.  Seeing their display was quite interesting.  I found it interesting because this really shows the advances in technology today.  The way it works is by standing in a certain diameter and they use this handheld device which does a scan of the object they intend to create a 3-D print of.  In this particular presentation they demonstrated by doing a scan of volunteers.  I found this to be really interesting because the software that they were using did an amazing job at picking up every detail of the person they were scanning from the texture of their hair to the actual clothing they were wearing and the objects that they were holding.  This was an interesting software and product that they had.  After talking to one of the presenters, he mentioned that currently at the moment they do not have any major clients and they are currently working on marketing themselves in hopes to contract some projects.  Being there I observed that this is something that may people are interested in.  This ArtHop experience really opened my eyes up to the creativeness that is present here in the Central Valley.  Yes this is a new product / idea to many, but in my opinion once it receives the necessary exposure it is a product that many companies will be very interested in using as part of a marketing strategy.