My first board meeting that I attended for a local CBO was really insightful for me.  Being that this was the first board meeting that I ever had the opportunity to attend I learned a lot.  Overall what I observed was that it was a good board meeting in which they did a good job at following the agenda that was provided to my teammates and myself.  What I appreciated most about this organization was that being that my teammates and I was working with this organization they scheduled to have their board meeting at a time that was convenient for us and that helped us start the assignment that we were working on with their organization.  An observation that I did have was the different personalities and diversity of the board members.  The organization was effective at putting together a board of different ethnicities, age groups, and backgrounds.  Yes, the meeting did bring up some differences in opinions amongst the members but they all did an effective job at respecting each other and once discussed moving on to the next topic.  Both the president and the executive director sat at the heads of the table, but neither of them seemed to overpower or run the entire meeting, which was nice to see.  In my opinion this showed the maturity and professionalism of the members on the board.  At the beginning of the board meeting the board was really welcoming and allowed us to really give our insights on our plan for the project while still giving us the feedback needed to work on the project effectively.  The end of the board meeting went to a close session in which we excuse ourselves and stepped outside in which we were given the opportunity to interview the executive director on his opinion on how the meeting went.