During the semester one of our assignments is to attend two board meetings. The idea is to be able to make some comparisons of both board meetings. What exactly are we looking for? We were provided with a reading from BoardSource titled The Best Board Meeting I Ever Attended. This reading was a great source to have while sitting in on a board meeting and organizing the comparison notes. I attended two board meetings during the semester. After receiving permission, I did a little research on the board members. Who are they? What do they do for a living? How long have they been on the board? How are they connected to the organization? LinkedIn was a great resource as many professionals have a profile. When attending the board meeting I noted different ideas. Was the board diverse? How well do they interact? What was on the agenda? Did they spend some time on old business or new business? Did the board members read updates (board packet) ahead of time and seemed informed? How much time did the executive director spend talking? Where were board members sitting? And what did the layout look like? Of the two board meetings I attended, I walked out of one a little baffled with amount of talking the executive director did. It seemed to me that too much time was given to this individual which in return shortened the talking time from others such as the board chair or other board members. In this board meeting I also noted where each board member chose to sit. This I feel makes a difference and establishes each person’s role on the board. The old business seemed to drag on as well. In the second board meeting I attended it felt well organized and board members where up to date on all topics to be discussed and ready with questions. They engaged in some off-topic conversations but were quick to get back on track (who said humor isn’t allowed). I enjoyed seeing that just about all board members were engaged. Many of them had some type of connection to the organization and it was easy to see their passion. I can use this experience to help me in the future if I ever decide or get asked to join a board. Every CBO board is different in their own ways and what makes them great boards is seeing that they are making great decisions to better the organization. Board members are true representations of an organization and I have respect for all that serve on a board.