On Monday, October 30th, our class had a panel in our class. The panel consisted of Hands on Central and the Executive Director (Carol Davies) as well as the Board Chair (Scott Wyesaka). We were also joined by C.A.S.A and their Executive Director (Nathan Lee) and Board member (Jeff Dal Cerro). They both provided us information about what they each do. This was very useful since I was not fully aware of what these organizations do. 

For me though, the information in regards to what the responsibilities of a board are much more relevant to where I am now. I was recently, asked to be part of the board for CCLS (Central California Legal Services). I attended my first meeting in October 5th. In this meeting I was more an observant since I am new at this.

However, after hearing the panel I feel better equipped to be a board member. One of the statements that stood out the most to me is that Board members do not take responsibility for the day-to-day activities. Rather we oversee that the mission is being carried out. Another thing that really stood out for me was the importance of having a good relationship between board members and the Executive Director.

This was a useful panel because I feel that I understand what my responsibility is as I take on this position with the CCLS board. I hope that I can contribute to the mission and the success of this agency that provides services to our Fresno community.