In our Soc 186 we had to opportunity to get very good inside perspectives of what of two key roles Executive Directors can play in their organization, leadership and management. Having various EDs from diverse organization here in the Central Valley was very important to me, as individual that is already part of the CBO world it always good to hear the pathways to had prior to having their role. It gives me comfort knowing that there is no one route.

An ED that definitely stood to me was Kelly Lilles from Catholic Charities, for various reasons but a key thing I noticed was her honesty and humbleness when speaking about the challenges she has faced in her work. Another thing that I appreciated from her is the importance and value she has on volunteer work for when she is looking for new hires. Mainly because if a potentially new staff has previous volunteer experience it demonstrate that they have the capacity to do the work.


Coreen Campos from Focus Forward shared some valuable insight about being Fresno State Humanics Scholar and how she has applied some of her learning experiences in to her current job as ED. What learned from her is that, letting go of staff member can actually be good to both the organization and the staff member as well, because if they are not thriving in the organization that can be a disservice to them as an individual