Being new to humanics I was a little hesitant on going to the Humanics retreat and when I finally made up my mind on going, I was not able to go because of a personal issue. Other students warned me about missing the retreat, and I understand why after having to do this makeup assignment. I had to find other humanic students that had also missed the retreat and form a team. As a team we had to eat a meal together, attend an ArtHop together, volunteer together at an organization’s event and attend an AFP luncheon. After completing all activities I have to reflect on the value of working with a team. I attended ArtHop on October 5th with Rie, Haley, and Andrea. Together we visited different art galleries and exhibits. We had our meal together after and shared our personal objects with one another. I took an object that expressed one of my passions, a dog tag from one of my dogs that has since passed away. I told the girls how I planned on opening my own animal shelter one day and how these Humanics courses were helping shape me into making that happen. I was very intrigued by each of the girl’s stories about why they were in Humanics and they each showed interest in my goals as well. I spent my volunteer time at the AFP luncheon on National Philanthropy Day, November 9th, by checking in the participants whom were attending. After the check-in I was able to sit down at the Humanics table and attend the awards luncheon. I was fascinated by the different organizations present and amazed at how much they supported philanthropy. Doing this makeup assignment has been time consuming but very worth it. I have had the pleasure of working with individuals that each have different visions but all support great causes. Working with teams such as these has helped me envision what type of people I would like to have in my community benefit organization. This has all been very new to me but also a great learning experience.