On September 24th, we had the pleasure of hearing Nancy Key talk about the responsibilities and duties that go into grant writing. Once serving as executive director of the YMCA, she noticed a great need for grant writing services in the Central valley. Then, in 1990 she took the entrepreneurial risk and opened shop in Fresno. Someone asked the brilliant question of what steps she took before going to business on her own, she answered that she set up informational meetings with people in organizations she’s worked with and have good relationships with before and made sure to have funds set aside before starting her business.

I brought up a question on who is more likely to fund me, she helped me out informing me that for my type of organization’s project, smaller more local Foundations were more likely to do funding. I jokingly complained on the time consumption that is research, she replies, “You kind of have to be a nerd to do this” admittedly this was quite affirming for me and my favorite thing she said that evening. Inviting Nancy to speak to us was valuable to our class and myself.