Today in class we had a panel of six guest speakers, all of whom are Executive Directors at six local CBO’s.  The discussion topic of the panel was “Management in Leadership,” in which all of the speakers had helpful and insightful responses to the questions that were asked.  From the answers the panel gave, I felt like the most well answered question was “when are you managing and when are you leading?”  The universal answer was that when you are leading you are inspiring others and when you are managing you are keeping the mission and or vision alive.  While I was listening to the answers I was able to reflect and take a look at which type of leader or manager I am in my current position at work.  This helped me realize that it is important to wear both of these hats when I am at work.  Which also made me think that there are going to be situations in which I need to be managing and there are other times when I need to be leading.  Hearing the passion in the work they do with their CBO has inspired me to try and get to the level of being able to both manage and lead at the same time not only when I am at work but also when working in groups in school.  Lastly what also stood out to me was the importance of really knowing an organization when you go to apply for a job at one, all the members on the panel mentioned that this is something that they all look for when they are interviewing for a position to fill in their CBO.  To me, this panel of guest speakers was the one in which I was able to relate to the most so far throughout the semester.