On Monday, November 7th, we had guest speaker Mr. Kelvin Alfaro come to our class. Mr. Alfaro is the Director of Programs and Evaluation at the Central Valley Community Foundation. Their mission is to cultivate smart philanthropy, lead, and invest in solutions that build stronger communities. He is also a former Humanics scholar, and is currently still involved with the Humanics program. He discussed power dynamics between grantee’s and grantors, shared with us some facts about the Central Valley, and also gave us insight on a very resourceful grant management software called Fluxx.


One of the most valuable topics I took away from our discussion was how important it is to keep and maintain relationships. Mr. Alfaro had stated when the grant process is over, it does not stop there. He continues to keep that relationship with that CBO, and he becomes a resource for them. All throughout this semester we have been networking and building relationships with various community benefit organizations, and Dr. Simmons and Dr. Jendian have stressed the significance of those relationships. You never know if you are going to run into them later in your path, or they may even become your next boss.


I was also really amazed with the Fluxx program. I think this is beneficial to all CBO’s and funders. It is a one stop shop, and really minimizes all the extra work. You are able to find funders who are accepting applications, and even follow up on the process of your submitted grants.


A big thank you to Mr. Alfaro for his discussion, and for his continued commitments with the Humanics program!