We are closer to the end of this semester and at this point, we are submerging ourselves in multiple projects having to do with Humanics and others having to do with other classes. I feel like we have a reached a point where we want to let go of our end of our rope, to be frankly honest, I have. Yet, I haven’t and I will not…

It only took me a look at this picture to remember again why it is that I have joined HUMANICS @ Fresno State. This picture is from our Fall 2017 that happened in August at Camp El-O-Win. This was the second retreat I had attended since I am a returning Humanics Scholar from the Spring Semester. This retreat was truly such an enriching experience. We had the pleasure of having Sarah Ottley who conducted a few team building activities and Mark who thought us a bit about negotiable conflict ways. We also had the opportunity to get to know the new scholar and reconnect with those whom we’ve shared a semester with already.  It was also on this weekend that I found out I would become a Team Lead.

I looked at this picture and I remembered how pleasant it was to learn from my classmates and to listen to what Sarah’s and Mark’s advice. This collaboration between individuals that come from so many different paths of life is very moving. To know we can all come together with different knowledge and skills and eventually help make a change for the best, that, that is truly inspiring.  Even knowing that not all of us may want to pursue a career in within the CBO sector, it is still worthwhile to show individuals the importance of working together to want to make this crazy world a better place. This picture brought me back to acknowledge the essence of Humanics and why it is that I will continue to push through this semester and learn from all these amazing individuals that take their time to come and share with us their  knowledge and experiences.

We are very fortunate students, but it wouldn’t be this way without the investment of many contributors, especially Dr. Jendian and Dr. Simmons, who believe in our future and what we can do to serve and help.