Lisa Leff Cooper, she’s the founder of Figure 8 Investment Strategies, which brings a multi-cultural perspective to providing financial advice and investment management for individual and organizational clients. She also co-founded Global Talent Idaho, a nonprofit that helps skilled refugees and immigrants find appropriate careers in their new country.

She was the brilliant guest speaker we had in class, she taught us the most about Social responsible investment, Impact investment, and how to make your assets work for your mission, more than the book “compelling return” ever could. We heard all the stories and the experiences she has had with CBO’s and how much philanthropic institutions have activated most of their assets in service of their missions, and benefit from impact investing. She explained the need for any organization to move toward self-sustainability; allowing them to innovate in response to need and to plan strategically for the future.
We discussed how endowment can be a very positive symbol that shows the community and potential donors that your organization is a flush organization that plans to be around for a very long time. Also how to develop an investment policy that reflects our impact theory, and outline how we are planing to allocate our assets. She was kind, entertaining, and always has some funny stories to share that help you to relate to the material. I enjoyed the class time and all the discussions we had working in groups.