I believe that in order to live a happy and moral life, one needs positive role models and good mentors to lead them in the right direction. My relationship with my mentor, Gabrielle Kirkland, Marketing Coordinator at Family Tree Farms, has matured over time. When we first connected, I was in listening mode most of the time, much like a good student. However, as we established mutual trust, the balance of our exchanges shifted to the point that I am now a respectful but outspoken contributor to our relation.

My first meeting with my Mentor has broken the ice, She was very welcoming and genuine which instantly made me feel at ease. We sat down and had a chat about how I had found the process so far and what I was expecting from it. We had a look at both our diaries to work out when the best time was for us to meet up and set a date to meet. We had a long chat about me, who I am, why I’m interested in Humanics, what are my  preferred activities, and what she can offer me as a Mentor.

Personality is just one of many factors that guide our behavior. However, our actions are also influenced by our environment, our experiences, and our individual goals, so our second meeting focused on learning more about my personality and discover who I really want to be. I can only say that I wish I had found this sooner to better understand my combination of personality traits.

Today was our third meeting, Gabrielle continues to give me advice, makes me feel better about life, and sets me on the right path. Sometimes I wonder if she is a friend, mentor, or both.