November 9, 2017 was National Philanthropy Day and each AFP Chapter held a special workshop and luncheon to honor some special philanthropists. I did not attend the workshop because of another class but I was there at the luncheon. The Humanics’ Student4Giving project was honored as the youth philanthropist of the year. We were nominated because of the work that was done in the Spring 2016 and although I was not part of that experience I was part of the 2017 cycle. The Students4Giving project allows scholars to give three grants in low funding areas to local CBO’s, it was a wonderful experience to work with other professionals in the field and the press conference was awesome! About 15-20 Humanics students went to the luncheon to accept the award and Daniel, the Harvey Milk Scholarship winner spoke on our behalf of the amazing opportunities the Humanics program provides, I have a new love and appreciation for Fresno just like Daniel because we see the city and all the people differently. We even got to take our picture with Lance Armstrong from ABC30! Betsy Chapin Taylor spoke during the luncheon and talked about The Nature of Purpose. She opened saying that Mark Twain wrote about the 2 most important days in a persons life are when they are born and the day they find out why. That was really powerful, I remember when I decided I wanted to be a social worker, but even going through the Humanics program has strengthened that drive I have to complete my degree and now to look for a CBO that needs a social worker. Betsy went on to say that we all want to make many ripples in the world, causing many good things to affect a lot of people, but she also said that happiness is the fulfillment of purpose. She gave the statistic that 43% of givers are happier than others, they have more friends, better relationships, live longer, but only if they give to help others, those who give to help themselves will not find this happiness. She closed saying that Purpose is a journey, we may not all hear bells or see fireworks when we find our purpose but we will know when it happens.