This semester I have the pleasure to be on the team that will evaluate the Poverello House on the use of funds granted by Humanics through the Students4Giving Grant. Poverello was granted a $5,000 grant earlier this year to invest in improving and enhancing their Volunteer Program.  The purpose of this visit was to go over documentation to make sure the allocation of these funds reflect their initial proposal given at the time of applying for the grant.  Sara Mirhandi, Chief Program Officer, did us the pleasure of sitting down with us to go over how these funds were used. Overall, this site visit was a success. Having been part of the Students4Giving project, it is so fulfilling to see that the organizations who were granted are using this money efficiently. I was very pleased to see that Poverello House had met most of their proposed goals with this money. Volunteers are essential for this CBO, they are a huge reason why  Poverello House can provide so much for their intended community. It is great to see that part of the grant money was used to create an appreciation event for their volunteers. We can sometimes forget that a thank you goes a long way.

We appreciate the time Sara took to provide us with information and documentation for this evaluation. I am very happy to see that Poverello House was the recepient of this grant. I am also very privlidge to be part of this process and have on-hands experience doing evaluations. These are skills that I can carry with me and implement when I become part of the CBO world.